Remedies for Saturn

Remedies for Saturn

Are you afraid of Saturn? Well as you get to know more about this malefic planet represented in Vedic astrology, the feelings shown towards this planet will naturally make sense. Saturn is said to bring a host of negative effects on the native’s life. That's why you should learn about some Remedies for Saturn that can help you get rid of any malefic effects that this planet may have brought into your life.

About Saturn

The planet Saturn is also referred to as 'Shani' in Vedicastrology. It tends to have a very strong impact on humans and their kundalis. Shani even among all the nine planets, influences the lives of people for the longest period of time. Saturn is characterized as cruel and troublesome but that's not the complete truth. In reality, it is also considered to be benevolent and assists us in escaping from the bonds of life and death.

Negative Effects

Remedies for Saturn - According to Vedic traditions, Saturn is responsible for karmic retribution and it teaches us about cosmic truth. It imparts us the knowledge through obstructions, frustrations, unhappiness, restrictions, setbacks and fears. According to popular belief, Shani keeps a record of all our deeds and when the time comes it releases the Karma unexpectedly. So here are some negative effects that Saturn has on your lives:-

Due to Saturn, the native may have to face many struggles in life. The possibility of losing wealth or falling prey to imprisonment drastically increases.

The person may also suffer from health issues Iike stomach ailments.

Effective Astro Remedies

Here are some tried and tested astro remedies offered by prominent Vedic Astrologist Shridhar Khandal to lessen the effects caused by Saturn:-

Start worshipping LordShiva and Saturn. Lord Shiva being the primary deity of Saturn, is the centre of a large number of the remedies for Saturn. Saturn is believed to be a big devotee of Lord Shiva so the chances of this remedy working are pretty high.

Try to learn and recite as many sacred mantras as you can. These mantras should be chanted with honest devotion to bringing about good results.

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