Remedies for Rahu

Remedies for Rahu

Remedi3s for rahu- It is crucial to know that Rahu falls under the category of shadow planets and it is also referred to as Swarbhanu in Vedic Astrology. It is treated as the north node of the moon and that's where its name 'Dragon’s Head' came up. It also has other names like 'Bhayanka' because it is feared by a large number of people. The name 'Rahu' originates from the Sanskrit word 'Raa' which is associated with being secretive and mysterious.

About Rahu

Rahu as a planet is characterized as violent, merciless, mischievous, mysterious, secretive and aggressive. This planet is believed to be able to influence a person's religious beliefs. Rahu is also said to induce plotting, scheming and conspiracy against the native which explains why Rahu is feared as a planet. Similarly, any change or alteration in your life's circumstances can be easily induced when Rahu is placed in a different house.

Negative Effects

Here are some malefic effects caused by Rahu when it is placed in an unfavourable position:-

It causes bad relationships with women. Under the bad effects of Rahu, natives may lose a good relationship with their wive. Moreover, their enemies will be terrified of them.

Under the influence of the infamous planet Rahu, natives tend to sustain on the objects received from religious institutions.

Although the negative effects of Rahu may not affect your family life your financial status is totally dependent on the position of Jupiter.

Effective Astro Remedies

After hearing about all the drawbacks, a large portion of people reading this is bound to panic. To remove your anxiety, famous Astrologist Shridhar Khandal has brought you some effective astrological remedies for Rahu:-

Natives are advised to buy a small solid ball of gold. Saffron kept in a silver box can also act as a good substitute. This expenditure will benefit you in the long run.

Another one of the effective and best astrological remedies is to donate wheat, jaggery and copper. Keep these three articles in a copper vessel and drop them in a water body preferably a river on Sunday.

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